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Hello, where can I keep track of changes by version? Can I somehow determine the latest version of Rhino now? Maybe there is some site where this is recorded?

Well, I know about this, I thought maybe there is something else …

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For the current release version (V6) there are several possibilities. It will depend on whether you have automatic updates enabled in Updates and Statistics, and what type of version that is set to:

If you have Service Release, you will only get an update maybe once a month or so when the release candidates have been determined to be stable.

Release Candidates are every week or so and are generally stable, but may still have some important bugs.

The Daily builds are the most risky if you want to be on the ‘bleeding edge’.

Hitting the “Check now….” link on the right will check if you have the latest version according to how you have the above set.

Then of course there is the WIP of the next version of Rhino - new versions of that are available more or less weekly as well.

When new V6 service releases/candidates and new WIP versions are put out, there is always a post by Brian Gillespie here indicating that a new version is available and what changes have been made.

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Yes, it seems that new versions of the program are being reported here, about the WIP version for sure, but it would be cool if there was some official site where you could see a list of all versions released during the development process, with a description of the changes. But in Rhino Options is different.

Well, you can imagine that with every SR, there maybe 50-100 changes. Multiply that by 24 service releases so far for V6, and you will have a very long list… What are you hoping to find in there?

With the WIP there have been probably 100 weekly releases over the last two years, also with many many changes for each one…

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I understand, but you can skip some changes and record only the main (most important) ones, and it can be in a separate window, and not just everything on one page. And then it would be possible to somehow orient ourselves in the updates, for example, you could look at the latest release, and there you can connect comments by version, it would be generally cool!

I think uou can get pretty close to what you’re after with:

Does that get you what you want?


Yes thank you!

Can WIP be tracked here? Or is there something else?

Yes, that’s the what’s new stream for the WIP.

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