Rhino 7 WIP install/uninstall affecting Rhino 6

I have just installed the latest Rhino 7 WIP (7.0.19351.11415, 17.12.2019).
One the first run, I got the message that: “This WIP build will expire in 29 days”.
After those 29 days, I can uninstall “Rhino WIP” from my Windows 10 “Programs and Features”. Then I can download and install another (2020) newest Rhino WIP. All of this Rhino WIP installing/uninstalling will in no way affect my Rhino 6?

It should not affect your Rhino 6.

Just keep the updates enabled in Tools > Options > Updates and Statistics and the updater service will automatically download the newer Rhino WIP whenever one gets released. No need to uninstall.

With the holidays there just haven’t been newer releases, I think next week or so a newer one will get out.

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The new builds (every week or so) should download and install automatically. No need to uninstall and reinstall…

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Thank you for the super quick explanation, both of you - Nathan and Mitch.

I just uninstalled Rhino 7 WIP and now Rhino 6 is disabled. Why? :man_facepalming:

What a hassle. I downloaded and re-installed Rhino 6, then struggled with finding and entering my R6 License Key, which was complicated by choosing to use cloud option (whatever it’s called?) instead of “Use only on this computer”, which I chose when I installed R6 almost a year ago. So inconvenient.