Rhino 7 wip for windows

In rhino 7 wip some new commands belonging to mesh utilities are not recognized, they are not working. The program tells me: command unknown. How can I solve my problem?

What version of V7 WIP do you have?

Run the Rhino command SystemInfo in V7 WIP and post the results.

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Thank you for availability. I enclose the requested file.
systeminfo.txt (1.8 KB)

You have the same V7 WIP build that I have.

What specific commands do not work for you? Where did you find the names of these commands? What language is Rhino set to?

ho installato prima la versione in lingua Italiana, poi ho avuto il dubbio che poteva essere la lingua a generare il problema. Ho disinstallato la versione in italiano e ho installato la versione in lingua inglese. il problema non si è risolto. I comandi che rhino non riconosce sono all’interno di mesh utilities e sono: Append to mesh, SelectMeshesToAppend, FromEdge, Chain, triangle,quod, ngon, autopul, bevel. grazie e a presto.

I first installed the Italian version, then I had the doubt that it could be the language to generate the problem. I uninstalled the Italian version and installed the English version. The problem has not been solved. The commands that rhino does not recognize are within mesh utilities and are: Append to mesh, SelectMeshesToAppend, FromEdge, Chain, triangle, quod, ngon, autopul, bevel. thanks and see you soon.

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Where did you find these listed as commands?

the commands are in " new in V7" “mesh utilities”

I don’t have an answer. I also get “Unknown command” when I try to use the commands.

Is there a technical support to which you can turn? Is there an email to which to write?

Page on tech support: https://www.rhino3d.com/support
Tech support usually monitors this forum, but not as frequently on weekends as weekdays.

I’ll start a new thread which is more specific to your question.

Update: New thread started with more concise version of this question: Mesh Tools - Unknown Commands


Question answered in Mesh Tools - Unknown Commands

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