MeshIntersect lost in Rhino 7 WIP?

Hi Guys, I think in my version

Work In Progress
(7.0.19148.11365, 28/05/2019)
SN: 6-1602-0101-1-25520-14404
Utilizador do Windows, Frezamolde, Lda.

you lost the _MeshIntersect command. I’ve seen this is a completely new workaround and maybe someone lost it’s link in compile
Sending you how Rhino 7 is working:

and in Rhino 6:

Hi - could you download the current WIP (7.0.19169.05435) and check if that is still happening there?

I will unfortunately I can’t when I need. In 5 days the TI administrator must install a new WIP in my workstation, otherwise i’ll loose V7 access! By then I’ll check if I have it back or not! :slight_smile: