Rhino 7 WIP cannot start, error message KERNEL32.DLL (solved)

Hey there,

Any clue why Rhino 7.0.19024.03445 won’t start?

I am getting error:
The procedure entry point RemoveDllDirectory could not be located in the dynamic library KERNEL32.dll


I am running Windows 7 SP1, updates off.

Tried reinstalling, repairing, restarting, deleting folder, as administrator, from non administrative user, etc.

drop a line if aware.

Do you have antivirus software running?

just found out.

launching on another windows 7 machine with same installation failed as well. no antivirus installed on both.

did a fresh install of windows 10 on vm, tried it there and it works.

i suppose some windows 7 updates were missing.

Since many professionals avoid windows updates and windows 10 (still), it would be nice to know and post here for future user reference (if available) which windows 7 updates are needed.

This way windows 7 users can test Rhino 7 WIP (or use Rhino 7 when published) without making a full automatic update.

Umm, Windows needs to be kept up-to-date for Rhino, full stop. Especially trying to run the WIP of Rhino 7, I doubt there is any intention for it to even work on Windows 7 by the time it’s actually out.

Never had to update windows to use Rhino 4, 5, 6. (surely not 5, 6).

if absolutely not necessary to change, supporting Windows 7 is a must.

Many pros (think architects, cnc users, etc, actually rhino’s target group) stick with windows 7 as it is the most robust windows and Windows 10 is still notorious to destroy itself, including graphic card and any other drivers with updates.

That’s absolutely not what “many pros” do at all. Think I’m not a “pro”? Or don’t know what one is? Rhino is meant to be run on ordinary Windows computers–which is to say, ones that are actually kept up to date. Especially with V6’s increased OpenGL usage.

First question people with a crashing problem are asked is “Are your video drivers up to date?” and the second is “Is WIndows up to date?” Not using the latest updates for a nearly 10-year-old operating system is absurd, I think the kinks have been worked out.

i would advice not to take things personally and see what other pros do as well. especially in cnc shops and other stable, productive environments.

not every person is a geek and prefers to have a very stable, not an updated environment.

personally i am a geek, user of dozens of multi discipline software, fully updated or not and can understand both sides so no, avoiding updates has a logic which makes it far away from absurd.

We didn’t intentionally break Win7 use for the Rhino 7 WIP. It looks like you may need to have
KB2533623 on Windows 7 installed


thanks for the precise answer :slight_smile: greetings.