WIP 7.0.20007.12535 installer won't start + Rhino Inside rollback

i’m having an issue updating the WIP as the latest installer (7.0.20007.12535) will not start. A Windows installer task appears in task manager, but no UI appears. The previous WIP installer i have is 7.0.19337 which works.

I’ve tried running as admin and restarting but no luck. Are there any logs that might help given the installer does not even seem to launch properly?

In addition, i’d updated Rhino Inside for Revit as i saw the latest build was supposed to fix some bugs, but that is reliant on the latest WIP build … so now i cannot use Rhino Inside. Is there anywhere i can rollback/download a build compatible with WIP 7.0.19337?

Hi - have you tried downloading the (7.0.20007.12535) installer once more? Make sure to unblock that before running it. Also, with processes running in the background like that, I would try a complete system reboot before trying to install once again.

hi wim - have tried all those and running in compatibility mode, no luck

OK problem solved - i’d copied the installer over to a network drive to forward to someone and thought i’d give it one more go from there … and it ran!

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