Rhino 7 run with Admin Issue


Eddy newie here - just ran through a few tests to work through the sample scripts and get the Beta version running on my PC.

Ran through a Philip Galvin Design video to ensure this installation was correct, which i found helpful in addition to the installation.

After failing to get the simple wind recipe to run when following through the correct compatibility - i have narrowed down the problem to needing to run Rhino 7 with administrator privileges in order to connect to Blue CFD.

Our IT won’t allow individual users to have administrative rights and needing it to run each simulation isn’t a work around.

Is there another solution to disable the need to run Rhino 7 with admin in order to allow the script to simulate with Blue CFD?
Currently working with other grasshopper scripts linking to other engines and this isn’t a requirement and so would love to get this working.