Rhino 7 PDF files


I have found a huge issue with Rhino7, it doesn’t allow me to convert my creations to PDF. As a student this is crucial as it is how I am required to turn in my projects.

When I try to make a PDF in A4 size, it replaces the bottom half of the file with a copy of the top half, and when I try A3 size, it makes six copies of the top left corner of the file.

I will leave a file attached to this message which shows one of the file attempts.

I have tried restarting Rhino but nothing works. If anybody knows why this is happening or how to fix it, please let me know. Thank you for your help.

Untitled.pdf (438.6 KB)

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there are several topics regarding this issue already. it has been a problem for quite a while still the problem got not acknowledged, so dont get your hopes up that this will be fixed soon.

funny is that my pdf export or viewcapture to file or render having problems starting at higher resolutions at around A0 so that is a good indication that it does not solely depend on size.

@pascal @stevebaer @DavidEranen anybody out there finally taking this serious? not being able to output the drawings is pretty crucial. so please have a tighter look…

Sorry that you think we aren’t taking this serious. We are trying to repeat this and are having problems doing that. Wim recently found a repeatable case for something related which may help with this issue.

cool, thanks steve hope it can be resolved, i had to export an entire project to my expired rhino 6 eval just to get those prints out.

ok, but tracking back that issue more than one and a half years and not getting nor finding any significant response while pro actively paddling my arms every time i coincidentally found recent reports, naturally let me worry.

i know you guys cant do much till its repeatable, but some sort of response would help settle.