Problems when printing pdf

Hi, i need help solving one big problem that i cannot solve by my own. When i try to print on pdf, my model looks wireframe even if i’m on shaded view and i can’t change it. It happends with all my models, all the time. Please need your support ASAP.


Make sure to have raster output selected.


When i put the raster output it stays blank.

Please run the SystemInfo command and past the output here. That will help me figure out what to recommend next.

it doesnt work either


What version of Mac Rhino are you using?

Ah, that makes sense. The SystemInfo command wasn’t added until Rhino 6.

If you can share your model, we can try to repeat the issue here.

Proyecto Arquitectónico.3dm (12.9 MB)

That looks like a different model in a “Pen” display mode. Are you also seeing the problem with this model? I haven’t checked on my Mac yet as I just have my Windows computer right now.

Yes, i send you a different model from the other one but the problem remains in every model so is the same.

Every model? If you make a model with just a box, do you still see the problem?

Does ViewCaptureToFile work?

Yes, with a lower quality but it works.

@dan or @pascal have you heard of this bug in V5 Mac? I haven’t personally seen this before.

This is new to me.


I have not seen reports of this either.

I’m currently at a loss for what to try next. It sounds like there is something going wrong with attempting to send an image to the PDF printer driver on this Mac.

You should be able to perform ViewCaptureToFile at higher resolutions than just the screen resolution.