Rhino 7 for Mac / PDF Print Problem


Rhino 7 for Mac creates corrupted PDFs - using either export as PDF or the PDF print function from the print dialogue.
The resulting PDF is not complete but consists of repeating tiles. Has anybody else observed a similar behavior with Rhino 7 (7.2.21012.17002, 2021-01-12)?

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i thought i am the only one seeing this till now. thanks for reporting this, hopefully it will be addressed soon since it really prevents me from getting my work done.

the bug goes actually beyond pdf print and also makes view capture to file and render useless for bigger formats.

i reported this issue here

Good that you mention it - the problem only occurs in raster printing. Vector printing works fine.

it seems there are more people having at least very similar issues.

something which might be related in some way but seemed to have been fixed.

@DavidEranen is that maybe your field? could you help us out? this rather imminent issue seems to be around for a while. i can not export a high res image in any way from rhino 7

found one more report which seems related


A few questions:

  • Is the viewport background repeating, or is the whole print repeating?
  • Can you see this problem with all models?
  • What are the step-by-step instructions to repeat the issue?
  • Can you link an image which shows the problem?


Hello David,
Thank you for your questions relating with this issue. Here’e my findings and comments:

  • Is the viewport background repeating, or is the whole print repeating?
    A: The whole print is repeating
  • Can you see this problem with all models?
    A: Yes, I think it is safe to say that I have the ssame issue with al Rhino 7 Mac models - new and ex R6 models.
  • What are the step-by-step instructions to repeat the issue?
    A: Select either “print” from the Rhino menu and “PDF” from the bottom left corner of the Macos print dilaog box
    or select > Export > PDF
    In both cases “raster” is the option which leads to the issue of tiles in the resulting PDf file. Print setup dialog:
  • Can you link an image which shows the problem?
    Resulting PDF:
    Rhino-PDF-Test-5.pdf (286.2 KB)
    All this created on a Macbook Pro mit Macos 10.14.6

also see the first link for more pictures and explanation.

the problem arises only when set to raster as outlined by @skrause and at higher resolution A0 for example and affects print and ViewCaptureToFile in a similar way.

here set to A4

here set to A0

depending on the resolution it can also TILE multiple times more
here i used ViewCaptureToFile

here the file, actually just a random file for this matter.

Musaicum.3dm (2.8 MB)

@DavidEranen are there any updates on this issue? I’m still experiencing the issue that skrause and encephalon have described.

MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 (18G8022)
Rhino Version 7 (7.6.21127.19002, 2021-05-07

Hi @codyjfedmonds,

I was never able to reproduce this issue, but it seems like upgrading to macOS Catalina (or macOS Big Sur) fixes the issue. See Bug: Pdf, View Capture, Render - larger Format - #16 by encephalon.

Hello @DavidEranen DavidEranen,
Any chance to fix that Mojave bug as Encephalon suggested at the end of the thread you linked on May 14? Upgrading to Catalina is not an option for me at the moment because I need to run a handful of apps which are not fit for Catalina. I may not be alone with that problem.
hi Jeff, got some update: i switched back to Catalina due to several issues i generally had with Big Sur and printing to PDF with larger formats still works. so this seems to be affecting Mojave only. i would suggest to fix that bug anyway or to be so fair and take it ouf ot the declared system requirements since printing to pdf is probably one important part for who ever installs rhino.

For some reason, this print issue just reared its head with my system. Never noticed it before and I haven’t changed or updated the OS.
Still running macOS 10.14.6 (18G4032) for the same compatibility issues others have stated.
Any possibilities of resolving this?