Rhino 7 on Surface Book 2

Rhino 7 consistently runs really slowly on my almost-brand new Surface Book 2 (with the below specs)

Processor: Intel Core i7

RAM: 16 GB

System: 64-bit

Graphics Cards: Intel UHD Graphics 620 + NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060

Any suggestions on how to improve performance?

Alternatively, what would would be the most optimal laptop configuration to run Rhino 7

You might make sure that Windows running Rhino3D using the nVidia GPU. It may be running it from the Intel GPU. Depending on which version of Windows 10, it would either be in the nVidia control panel–or now Windows is supposed to do it somewhere in the setting. (likely so they can bitcoin mine in the background. : )

You can also open the task manager while Rhino is running and make sure that you have enough memory for your project. This isn’t likely the problem, but if you are pushing it into virtual memory, performance will drop by a massive amount. If you computer has plenty of unused RAM, adding more RAM likely will not help the performance.

Alternatively, many modern gaming notebook computers run Rhino well, or a Mobile Workstation, which share much of the same hardware. Also, if you plan on running Cycles from the GPU, you should get a decent amount of memory on the GPU, as well, such as a RTX 3060.] MSI, Alienware, Asus, and Lenovo all make gaming computers. Dell also makes a “Precision” mobile workstation.

Also note that nVidia “Qmax” configurations, only support so much cooling, so, even if you buy a really fast GPU, it might only work for bursty loads. Also note that “Qmax” was formally a GPU version, and now it’s a spec for a computer for an underwhelming cooling system. In most 15" and many 17" laptops, the fastest GPU will likely be limited by cooling, and likely a Qmax (sic) configuration.

If you buy a laptop computer with a mobile Xeon, the operating system will likely have an additional cost, and it might not be faster than, say an i9.

[I have a Lenovo P15-Gen2 with i9-11950H /Quadro A3000. Formerly I had an old W540. The P15 runs hot, but it can be tamed. I might have gone up to the A4000. The Xeon was crazy expensive, for 2 cores less?]

Check to make sure your system is configured to use the GPU:

open rhino, run the systeminfo command and post the results please-

Well, what do you call “slow?” Compared to what? Is it using the 1060? Is it constantly thermal throttling?

If you bought a Surface Book, I don’t think you really want the ‘most optimal’ laptop for Rhino, which would be the highest-end “gaming” machine you can get, which would barely count as portable and look hideous. It’s a matter of how much portability you’re willing to sacrifice.