Rhino 7 on Paperspace (VDI)

Hey @brian @will
I was trying to get Rhino 7 to work on my Paperspace virtual machine (which is operating on Windows 10), but I keep getting the ‘Rhino is not supported on Windows Server’ error.
I was wondering if this was an installation error on my part, or if Rhino 7 is simply not compatible with Paperspace machines?

  • Mel

Hi Mel.

It ia indeed related to paperspace running on Windows Servers
Does this page provide enough insight:

@Willem They advertise Windows 10 machines. Is this not the case? I’m spinning one up right now…

“Running as Windows Server 2019 in desktop mode”


@melindac, to run Rhino interactively on Windows Server, it must be running in a remote session. Paperspace uses their own remote connection protocol and Rhino can’t detect that it’s running in a remote session. You will be able to run Rhino if you use RDP instead (I’ve tested it myself).

It worked! Thank you so much!

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