Rhino 7 on Windows Server - New in 7.4

Rhino 7 released without support for running interactively on Windows Server. Since then, we’ve learned that tons of our Rhino 6 customers are successfully running on a variety of VDI platforms, and want to run Rhino 7 there, too.

We plan to release support for running Rhino interactively on Windows Server / Virtual Desktop in Rhino 7.4 (Due to be released March 10, 2021).

Neither Microsoft, nor any of the VDI providers, have a consistent way of indicating to applications that the application is running in a virtual desktop environment - so we have to work to support each vendor specifically.

If you are trying to get Rhino 7 working on Windows Server, please download the Rhino 7 Release Candidate and let us know if it works.


This works on Windows 10 20H2 Multi User. (Windows 10 Enterprise for Virtual Desktop)


Hi there,
v 7.4 seems to work perfect on Windows server!
Thanks a lot and thank you Mitch for your info


Thanks for letting us know that it’s working for you guys!

We just released a new Rhino 7 release candidate (7.4.21061.15001) that includes specific support for fra.me.

Update: this specific fix has been in the stable Windows build since 7.4 – download…

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@will should the Rhino 7.8 run on Windows Server Datacenter 2016? We are getting the following error within Amazon Workspaces trying to setup a VDI environment.


Is there a switch we need to pass or anything to get it to work? We are running Rhino 7.8, which is the minimum version our plugin supports for our next version of MatrixGold.

We haven’t figured out how to support Amazon Workspaces directly yet, but we’re working on it. I think @will has a way to get this working for you, and will contact you via direct message.


Hi @brian, @will,

Any update or workaround for installing Rhino 7.8 on AWS? I’m getting the same error as @jstevenson during installation.

Thanks in advance,

@jfreund, which AWS product are you using, specifically?

Hi @will, version 7.12 seems to have resolved the issue. Was attempting installation of 7.8 on an AWS PowerPro instance.

Thanks again,

Ah! Support for Amazon WorkSpaces was added in 7.11. Glad you got it sorted!

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Hi, @brian

We want to install Rhino 7.19 on windows server , to use on our VDI system.
Installing works, but when starting it gives the message:
“not supported on windows server, use compute…”

In previous post there is a discussion about older versions , but nothing conclusive.
It is stated that it should work, but we do not get is working.

is there any trick / method to get it working?


Hi @Teun what is your VDI system? We’ve had to write special code for most VDI systems we support, and would need to evaluate yours to determine if there’s a way to get Rhino to run.

Currently, Rhino runs on:

  • Frame
  • Cloudalize
  • Azure Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Amazon AppStream
  • Amazon WorkSpaces


We use Windows server with remote desktops by Citrix (Citrix desktop)
So it just a ‘normal’ windows server version, to connect by Citrix.

@Teun, are you connected via Citrix when trying to run Rhino?


Yes , but also in the installation phase, when just connected by remote desktop to the windows server as an administrator it will not work/run
i can install, but when i try to run Rhino it wants the compute version…


for now i was testing outside citrix. Due to this and other issues we will continue Citrix installation after i get this and other programs working
Just to get it working on a windows server OS with remote desktop connection in our domain it gives the issue

Best @will and @brian do you have a solution for us?


Rhino should be detecting that it’s running in a remote session if you’re connecting with either RDP or using Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop. If you can’t get Rhino to run when you’re connected to a VM using RDP, then something isn’t working correctly. Can you please generate a debug log and send it to us via email (the address is in the wiki article)?



Thanks, i didnt know that it was only running in a RDP session, i was installing, testing en tuning the servers by teamviewer and the citrix viewer. And when it didnt work i didnt publish the image.
But i now created a citrix desktop and connected it by citrix workplace and worked ! thanks

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