Run Rhino / Grasshopper / VRay / Redshift virtually on Paperspace -- powerful GPUs in the cloud

Hi everyone,

Long time fan of Rhino so pretty excited to share that Paperspace fully supports Rhino installations.

What is Paperspace?

Its the easiest to setup, cheapest to run, most powerful virtual desktop solution out there – and it was founded by two former architects!

With Paperspace you can run your office on the cloud and spin up and down as many team members as you need. With our new VRay nodes you can set up your own render farm. Running simulations or use Redshift? Well we have the latest NVIDIA P5000’s with some P100’s on the way that you can use on an hourly / monthly basis.

Feel free to get started here.

If you’d like to receive a $10 credit email me at with a description of how’d you like to use Paperspace.


What is the procedure to install Rhino Grashopper on a virtual machine ?
Thank you !