Is anyone running Rhino 7 on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine or other?

Hi all,
Is it possible? If so, how does it run?
A 2017 topic said that VMs were not supported, but this company Paperspace was advertising it’s solution for running Rhino. So are VMs supported now?

Are you talking about running Rhino interactively, or something like Rhino Compute?

I mean modeling via the virtual machine
I was chatting with an Azure rep who was “pretty confident” Rhino could run on their machines.

Why are you considering using a remote virtual machine for Rhino?

Officially, it isn’t supported, but still a lot of people use Rhino this way for a variety of reasons and we do our best not to prevent them from doing so.

Things got a little more complicated when Rhino 7 was released. Pretty much all Windows cloud VMs use Windows Server and initially we restricted Windows Server to non-interactive applications such as Rhino Compute. This requires a different licensing model – Core-Hour Billing. However, around 7.4 we started allowing interactive use with regular, seat-based licenses again, so long as Rhino is running in a remote session (i.e. RDP).

It’s just that my laptop isn’t powerful enough so I thought a virtual machine might be a solution before I get new hardware. I don’t even understand what Rhino Compute is.

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I suppose you could try and it will work to some degree but performance will depend on a number of things, and, in the end, it’s not something that we support.

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Yep, give it a try. If you’re looking for a performance boost over your laptop then pay close attention to the specs when provisioning the VM. A standard Azure/AWS VM with RDP works fine with a regular Rhino license. A virtual desktop platform that’s more user-focused, like or might be easier to setup (regular licenses work with both of these platforms). Paperspace also works but you need to use RDP.

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Maybe not exactly the same thing, but I’ll throw this in the mix.

We switched to a VDI environment last year, (due to covid/work from home). For what it’s worth, we have had no issues running Rhino 7 on our vm’s, (virtual desktops). Vm’s are windows 10. Vm’s are running the usual design suite stuff, (adobe suite, Rhino, Autodesk Suite).
Vmware running on a VxRail cluster. The ONLY thing we found is that we had to really load up the GPUs to get the performance we expected.


Thanks to all, I’ll see if I can manage. I’m technically challenged, but I can’t afford a new rig right now.