Offline help in V6 very slow

Finally started a new project after installing the offline help and now have experience with it. It’s much better having it available than not, however the “hot” command help that is supposed to popup in the help tab when a new command starts takes 10-15 seconds most of the time. Sometimes it’s immediate, which I’m guessing is because the material was already read as part of the data fetch for a previous command. Even when the help is opened from the main menu the delay in loading is about 10-15 seconds. This is a far cry from the way V5 worked and pretty disappointing.

Fortunately, this delaying behavior only takes place when the help tab is active. If it’s not then Rhino is not delayed.

This is the case with versions up to this week’s RC, under Win 7 using either Explorer or Firefox. Machine is 3.1 GHz Xeon with 16 GB and an old-fashioned actual spinning disk.

Thanks for letting me know. I logged this bug as RH-48444. Do you have the newest offline help installed? I recall an early version of the help files having some javascript embedded in them that could slow things down.

The ZIP for the one I’m using is time stamped May 25, 2018, 1:25 PM. The ZIP file is 229.5 MB. I’m not aware of any later one. If there is, please let me know the download link and I’ll see how it works. Also if I need to uninstall or delete the one I have now or if there’s an installer that handles that.