Rhino 7 offline help

That worked. Thanks.

Thanks, @eddi.

I changed the link from http to https, then it can be clicked to download.

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Looks good. You are going to have a lot of thankful people here!

Thank you for this,


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Nice, installed and works fine :ok_hand:

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Thanks @kelvin! I think this is the fix for WWW-1161 :smiley:
I’ve changed your link to go to an official download page on our website.



The download button uses http:// for the download link, simply click it won’t download. It has to use https://.

I don’t know why http:// doesn’t work with click-to-download anymore on our websites.

I had a report for the wiki website not long ago. WWW-1499

Fixed! It doesn’t work because web browsers have changed. HTTPS pages downloading HTTP files just don’t work anymore for security or privacy reasons.


@KelvinC , @brian : Thanks very much for finally getting to this. My offline computer is out of service due to some remodeling going on in the shop, but I am really looking forward to giving it a try in the next week or so.

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Big surprise - everything works flawlessly!

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Don’t thank me - @KelvinC gets all the credit.

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Not really, it is always a team work, and thank everyone for testing it.

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Hello @KelvinC
Would it be possible to offer the Fr version of the manual offline?

You can also access the online help in French directly:


I think you can actually put that on a toolbar button or alias and access it from Rhino:

! _Run "https://docs.mcneel.com/rhino/7/help/fr-fr/index.htm#information/welcome_to_rhinoceros.htm"

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Thank you @Helvetosaur.
My goal is to solve the problem of my bad internet connection.


The v7 offline help for different languages can be accessed from the download page.

The French file is available, but currently missing on the download page. It will be added later. This is the direct download link.


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The German version gets installed to a strange path:

I don’t want joaquim as a user on my machine…

Also it doesn’t work at all.

I fixed the path problem.

Please download again. Thanks.

Same as before.