Rhino has lost my entire project after a normal shutdown

V5 on Win XP laptop.
All work, layers, images, nothing recognisable except for a file pasted in from the forum, is all that remains after I elected to go file save, close rhino, shutdown laptop for evening meal, that went fine, then started it up again afterwards, got the ‘Rhino didnt save properly and saved your project but now do a save on it’ message, amazed to see that, as it closed down apparently perfectly ok, so I then saved the file it offered up, then I open that and everything I had created has gone, layers pics, 2 days hard graft, in fact I think phew, its on about a different file at first, as its so unrecognisable regards content.

File I closed would be 15 feb dated, that which rhino saved was 16 feb dated, and has 2 user created layers, assoc with an object I pasted into it. many hours work vanished. all my layers and design gone.


I select the bak file, remove bak, rename it, try that, still same , all is gone.

I have never had another program do this to me, but Rhino occasionally does so, scary on important work, I hadnt got as far as considering a backup save, not far enough into it to think of such, but all is lost.

This on a win XP laptop, previous failed save might have been same PC.

Is there anything I could dig deep for , any file remnant that might resurrect this.

File was not complex, just maybe 20 dims and a few objects but was the result of much work these last few hours to establish theoretical size from measuring an actual item with vernier to get to that shape.


See if you can’t recover is from C:/Documents and Settings/user/Application Data/McNeel/Rhinoceros/5.0/AutoSave directory.

My initial guess was that you shut down or closed the lid on the machine before saving was complete… However the .bak file would normally be OK in that case so I am not at all sure - if the bak file is missing stuff that would mean that this happened in the last save prior, at the latest, not the save when you shut down.


nothing at autosave 15feb.
i always let pc die totally before lid goes down and in fact lid stayed up,

can it fail to save and show file as if healthy as one carries on ?

I have lost everything, I shall in future be using file incremental save as rhino does do this from time to time and i have survived in the past thank to renaming bak file etc. this file was not busy, just in its infancy compared to some, but some intensive thought processes near end and now a days work to redo.



I don`t know how old you are Steve but a benefit of being my age is that having worked a lot 15 - 20 years ago on the Mac I have a built in reflex to hit save every 5 minutes or so. The Mac in OS8/OS9 days used to crash 5 times a day wiping everything that was unsaved.

Incremental saves is a good habit to have IMO. I don`t like the Rhino autosave feature as it interferes too much for me.

No, it isn’t. Otherwise we would hear about this on this forum all the time…
There must be something specific to your hardware & software configuration or user habits that is causing this.

sochin, wim.
I have been with PCs since win95 and ob boy what fun back then !
Always do a Ctrl s every so often, and I do that in Rhino nowadays, saves took a while on a PC with 16Mb ram, the specs back then were , well kids nowadays wouldnt believe it !.., only using photoshop and Macromedia Freehand back then, and drawing plans and maps in 2D. And there were times one saved then opened it next day and it said corrupt, and you start all over again, with the deadline a day away and a few days to redo !
So started out naming file s1 s2 etc. Freehand did that corrupt thing yet Photoshop didnt.
I now find that Rhino does it, no others though. and this is on a win xp laptop. Win XP was the best OS for everything where you expect it to be, logical , even file find had sensible options and ran , now you type name and nothing happens, no initiate button, or it heads off finding before you finish the criteria then stops when you add the date range. My win7 64bit pc I dont think its happened yet, I shall make notes on when now.
The file was in fact very simple, several layers two images and a few shapes. I have project files that are vast, many images, 100 or more layers, and I save as s+1 method.
Ctrl S on keyboard doesnt do an incremental and I am doing ctrl s after many yrs of doing so, we do ctrl s because round the corner PCs might fail, back then they suddenly froze up, it was like crossing a mine field.

Can I have Ctrl s programmed for an incremental save I wonder ?

Ctrl s says file successfuly written usually, do we ever look there to see that message ?
If it wasnt successfully written, can we have it catch our attention some other way ?


You just put it in your Options - Keyboard: Ctrl+S !_IncrementalSave

Ah those were the days… same as me with Macromedia products. I was using Fireworks and Flash and then Adobe Photoshop.

For incremental saves like Onetech I have a shortcut set up. I use an alias of “is” set for an incremental save. For a straight save I have a button designated on my wacom.

Rhino V5 is the most stable CAD software I’ve ever used

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Just spent an entire day, until 2am, redoing the lost file, and its now 4am…having hit fillet issues again on a simpler shape.
Every time I do a save or an incremental save I survey the command window, ‘successful save’ it says.

can I trust it , if it failed as it did, would it say so ?

Laptop struggles with two instances of rhino open, win xp. Could do with a higher memory and spec I guess. Cant afford another one with photographers type quality calibrational and evenly lit screen , stable uniform image if you move head type screen, and silent running. Its a superb monitor and laptop apart from the fan noise, Quosmio G20, ok on single instance rhino. I had one open when I did the save. My custom built tower used up my money, built for rhino, so cant afford two pc’s just now.


I have to second that.
Usually when I experience crashes in Rhino they are caused by plug-ins.