MatchMapping not working when object is moved

Moving objects that have Planar Mapping applied modifies their mapping and when MatchMapping command is used on them it fails to pick up the new mapping.

Match Mapping will use exactly same mapping as the source object. So the planar mapping widget will appear in the same place for the moved object as the source object.

Just moving an object with planar texture mapping doesn’t visually change the mapping - the moving does update the mapping to ensure the mapping is translated (or scaled, or rotated) the same.

Remember: Rhino has everything (apart from geometry inside block instances) in world space.

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Sorry if I misunderstood, but the problem I’ve noticed is that if object 1 has a planar mapping applied and then is moved (object 2) and another object (3) uses object 2 as a source for MatchMapping command it in fact gets mapping from object 1.
Untitled.3dm (1.3 MB)

I hope that makes sense. I would have expected that matchmapping would source the new mapping of object 2. As you can see on the image only two mapping widget show up - that’s because widgets for objects 1 and 3 overlap.

From your initial explanation it wasn’t clear, but now it is.

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