Rhino 7 Mac Layouts: Visibility Toggle not working?


I’m trying to prepare a Layout for print and would like to disable a layer which contains Polysurfaces placed over the curves that I need for my drawing.

Unfortunately, the visibility toggle doesn’t seem to do anything.

Please see the attached video showing the problem.

Any hints? Or am I completely misunderstanding what the visibility toggle in the layout panel is supposed to do?

I’m running Rhino Version 7 (7.14.22010.17002, 2022-01-10) on M1 Max.

Hi Ice -

Somewhat, I suppose. But, if I’m understanding what’s going on in that video, you basically show how it works.

The lightbulb in the layouts layer panel behaves differently depending on what is active.
If the layout is active (that is, no detail is active), the lightbulb controls the visibility of objects that are created on the layout. By the looks of it, in your example, the only object on the layout is the detail and that is not on any of the layers that you are turning on or off.

If a detail is active, the lightbulb controls the visibility of the objects that you see in the detail. You appear to be turning the Sparren layer off and then back on while the detail is active. If you don’t want to see that layer on the layout, activate the detail as you did and turn that layer off. Then deactivate the detail.

Thank you Wim for the immediate response!

Indeed, I misunderstood how this works. I assumed that if I double-click on the detail, and move thereby into the model view, this would also disable the visibility of the layer when I go back to my 4-view model view – but it doesn’t, which is what I wanted to achieve.


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On a side note to this, the ‘HideInDetail’ command is a handy little thing when working in Layouts :+1:t3:

Thank you milezee! I wasn’t aware of all these commands: Detail | Rhino 3-D modeling

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