Rhino 7 Mac Failing to Import 3D DWG

Having trouble importing 3D DWG file into Rhino 7 Mac (7.27.23032.13002, 2023-02-01). The file is a 3D furniture block dowloaded from Arflex so not sure if it’s a file issue or a Rhino issue. Imports into Rhino 6 Mac (6.35.21222.17002, 2021-08-10) with no problem, which leads me to believe it’s the later. I get the following message on import: “Model space object read: 0, skipped: 1” and “Block definition objects read: 4, skipped: 0”. Interestingly, individual objects are visible in the block manager but they don’t come into the model space. Running on an iMac (late 2014) with Big Sur Version 11.6.8.

Corner unit 119 D.124.dwg (2.7 MB)
Here is the file in question if anyone else would like to try and replicate. I’ve tried about a dozen other files with similar luck. Happy to pass those along as well.

Hi Andrew -
Thanks for that file!
I’ve added this thread to RH-72439 Open DWG: incorrect blocks in Rhino

RH-72439 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 29 Release Candidate