Blocks not importing from AutoCAD .dwg

I can not figure out why none of the blocks in my .dwg file are not importing into Rhino. This was never an issue before.

I did have to upgrade to AutoCAD mac 2023 is it possible the problem has to do with the new version?

I also tried exploding all the blocks BEFORE importing also this did not seem to work. Tried all the different import settings as well.

I don’t have an issue when I just open the .dwg file in Rhino ONLY when I try to import it into an existing file.

Hi @shokunin1 ,
When you save the .dwg in Autocad, try downgrading it to some older version (for example ‘DWG 2019’ or ‘2013’). Did that affect the import of blocks to Rhino?

tried that already and it didn’t work either…
I suppose there is a conflict with the block and nested blocks.

I have a 2018 AutoCAD.
If you post a DWG file it can read, I’ll test it with Rhino too.

Are you using a “Flavored” verison of AutoCAD that has compnents that only that same AutoCAD flavor can read?

not sure what you mean with ‘flavored’ fyi I am using a genuine version of AutoCAD 2023 for mac.
see the file in attachment.
forum example.dwg (914.2 KB)

Opening now…

I’m getting an error that one or more referenced files could not be located.
Maybe you used XRefs?

Paperspace “EW Tabloid” looks like this:

Rhino V7 looks about the same:

Hi @shokunin1,
From AutoCAD, you can bind all the xrefs and saveas to a new DWG.
Then open this file in Rhino. It will have all the xrefs, and not require the additional files.

However, Rhino should be able to load the xrefs as linked blocks, if they are in the same folder as the main DWG.

Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel and Associates

ok thank you both. I will look into the xref issue and see if it solves the problem.
appreciate your help