Rhino-7 Import DWG Problems

Rhino7 seems to have a problem importing nested dwg blocks and xrefs. In other words they are missing from the model import. This happens across various models. My system is Windows 11.
I have re-installed Rhino6 and the AutoCAD import works well - much as expected. However I am now locked out of Rhino7 - unable to re-validate my license key!!!
Whats going on?

Your Rhino 6 is currently locked to a machine named ANNICK, the Rhino 7 needs to added there as well. Or you will need to remove the Rhino 6 validation to be free to add elsewhere.

Note that you want to be on the latest Rhino 6 (6.35)



Thanx - licensing problem now solved.

Any thoughts on the problems I am having importing dwg models into Rhino7? R7 fails pretty badly compared to Rhino6.

We will need more info about the issue you are seeing, there are a lot of improvements to dwg import, including dynamic blocks (WIP only)

Hi John -
This is a known issue which is due to a 3rd party library update. We are looking into our options here…
RH-72439 Open DWG: incorrect blocks in Rhino