Dwg import issue (block inside block)

Hi everyone, it’s my first time writing in the forum, but I’ve been using it for solving issues for years. Thanks to the community, you’re doing a great job

I’m having an issue when importing dwg files.

I have a dwg file with blocks inside blocks inside blocks…

When I import it to Rhino, I can only see elements on the first block, but not the blocks inside the block

I’ve tried with a new file and a very simple block inside block and I have the same issue

This must be something new because I’ve been working with CAD-Rhino for years and I think I’ve never had this issue… Could it be some bug on the latest release or maybe some settings in rhino?


I couldn’t try it with Rhino 6 since I don’t have a license now, but I’ve tried Rhino 8 WIP to check if I have the same problem and it works completely fine

Then I saved it to rhino 7, open it in rhino 7 and everything is working, so I guess there’s a bug on the dwg import in the latest updates of rhino 7

Meanwhile I’ll keep using rhino 8 to import the dwg files and avoid this problem

thanks for reporting. This issue is on the list, but contains confidential files currently, so it is blocked for view. But I added this thread to it.

Hi @gustavofigueiraserra,
I have tested the issue of Rhino not importing DWG/DXF with nested block correctly RH-73280.
Like you I have found that it is fixed in Rhino 8 SR0 2023-4-9 (Rhino WIP, 8.0.23099.14305)
I have also found it is fixed in Win Rhino 7 SR29 2023-4-3 (Rhino 7, 7.29.23093.19001).

Try setting your update frequency in Rhino 7 to the Release Candidate, which is now Sr29.
Sr38 is the public download and it will not find the fixed there.

Let us know if Rhino 7 Sr29 WIP gets it working for you.
If not type SystemInfo in Rhino and post the results.
Also open the DWG block, and send me a screen capture or what it looks like on your computer.
Nested issue.dwg (28.3 KB)

Mary Ann Fugier

Thanks Mary,

I’ve been trying to get the SR29 but I couldn’t, I get the message below

Your installation is the newest available.

Below also the file with SystemInfo and the screenshot of your file, which shows very well the problem

Rhino7.txt (2.8 KB)


Thanks for the details.
We are hoping that sr29 will be available as the release candidate later today.
I will let you know when I hear it is available for download.

Mary Ann Fugier

The Rhino 7 release candidate Sr29 WIP is now available…
Go to Options → Updates and Statistic and set the Update Frequency to :Release Candidate.
This will now download the expected version Sr29, and not Sr28 which is already the public version.

If you import DWG/DXFs into Rhino and your AutoCAD models contain blocks or may contain blocks, (more specifically nested “block with in blocks”) it is recommend that you run the Rhino 7 Sr29 Release candidate until May 9, when Sr29 should become the public version.

Please reply with any additional questions.
And let us know if this is working better for you.

Mary Ann Fugier

Thank you Mary,

I’ve installed the Sr29 and the issue is fixed

Thanks for the support and quick response

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Thank you for the update, @gustavofigueiraserra.
This is really good news.

Let us know if it every breaks again!
Mary Ann Fugier