Files gone, asking for license?


Rhino 6 is really not cooperating with me at the moment.
This morning I got this window popped up in my view as I tried to open a rhino file, which I had saved on the desktop, closed rhino, and closed the computer. By the way, I have a valid license so it’s strange that it even asks for one again? I was curious to read what the terms “1. rhino end user license agreement” was, read it but there was no other option than to accept and move on. Then the file was suddenly size 0 and the whole project was gone.

I can’t find an autosaved file anywhere… Then I’m simply wondering how do you correctly save a rhino document so that you can be sure it does not disappear. To me, this doesn’t really feel very user experience friendly and I’m not happy not being able to feel safe closing a document.

I would appreciate help asap.
/ A

Hi Anna -

I completely agree with you here. Nothing in Rhino should in any way lead to loss of data.

On the Mac, I’m told there are two locations an Autosave file can exist: the Trash bin and the User library “Autosave” folder.
Note that there are two "Library"s on Mac and you need to look in the user one not the global one.
Specific steps:

  • Hold Option while in the Go menu with the Finder app up
  • choose Library and then go to Autosave Information

Other than that, important files should always be backed up. Do you have the macOS Time Machine active?

Lastly, to try and find out what happened, could you run the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here?

Hi @anna.dahlback ,

Can you still open the 3dm file that is 0kb? If so, can you use the File drop down menu > Revert to flyout to browse previous versions that macOS would have automatically saved as you worked?

Do you also recall if any big changes on your Mac occurred prior to launching Rhino 6 and getting asked for the license again? Did you update macOS perhaps?

The last thing that would be good to know is which version of macOS and Rhino 6 you have running. The SystemInfo command in Rhino 6 will provide that information if you can post it here.