Rhino 7 Linetype

Hello, I am currently using the new Rhino 7 and the issue that I have faced is the linetypes. I am currently working on a city scale, and for some reason the scale of the linetypes can only go up to 100, is there anyway to increase it? Or maybe any other way how I can solve the visibility of the lines? The units that I am working in is meters. Linetype|600x500

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Sorry about that John , this was the first time I have posted, was not sure how to do it. Next time I will do that, thanks!

No worries.
Categorizing mostly helps with the right audience actually seeing your question.

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I suspect use of this setting will help:

I tried to switch between different style annotation as well, where the space scaling was switched on, however nothing much seemed to change. I can only see the linestyle when I zoom in very close.
Also on some curves the linetype does not work at all, please find the image attached. Not really sure why is that, never had an issue of this sort

on rhino 6