Lintetype scale bug?


recently i’ve notice that if I change the scale of a linetype all of the types from this file change.
If I increase from 1.0 yo 10 the hidden type all the others increase to 10

I’m using Rhino 6 SR18 2019-9-23


As far as I know, the linetype scale setting is global for all linetypes in the file, you can’t change the scale of the individual entries independently. All you can do currently (as far as I know) is create a new linetype, copy/paste the original pattern from the original to the new, then change the numbers…

OK, just for amusement, here is a small scripted utility that will create a scaled copy of an existing linetype. Select the existing linetype to copy/scale, input the scale factor and give the linetype a new name… (1.7 KB)


Thanks a lot!