Linetype not working in Rhino 6


I bring up a new Rhino 6 session. In the Layers menu, I set the linetype for the default layer to Dots. I draw a circle. It has a solid line not dots. Same for all other linetype options in the Layers menu. I watched a video that shows this working properly. What am I doing wrong? All I get is solid lines. I need a dotted line.


(John Brock) #2

What system of units are you using?
If I use the Small objects - Inches, I have to Zoom in on the circle to see the dots,
or increase the linetype scale in Options > Linetype

If I use Small Objects - Millimeters, the default linetype scale is OK.

The patterns themselves are defined in millimeters.


I am using Large objects - Feet. If I zoom way up I can then see the line type. How do I scale the size of the pattern so it shows in my system of units? The pitch of the pattern needs to be about 33X bigger.


(John Brock) #4

If you like 33x, do this:


Perfect. I am all set now. John, thanks for your expert help.