WIP Bug Fix: AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks Import Correctly As Static Blocks

November 29, 2022
Rhino 8 WIP now imports AutoCAD Dynamic blocks as static blocks. Prior to this version of the Rhino 8 WIP, Rhino imported AutoCAD models with dynamic blocks incorrectly.

The goal for dynamic block behavior in Rhino 8 WIP is to support visual continuity between AutoCAD and Rhino. Dynamic blocks are imported and display the dynamic block “type” that was assigned in AutoCAD. The result: the dynamic block appears like it did when it was in AutoCAD.

Note: Full support for dynamic blocks is a massive feature. It is not possible in the Rhino 8 time frame, however it is on the pile for a future Rhino.

Dynamic Blocks in AutoCAD

Here are examples of dynamic blocks being used for the cars, windows, lights and plant symbols being used in an AutoCAD DWG.

Rhino 7 Behavior

To show the issue, we opened this DWG in Rhino 7.
Most of the imported geometry related to the dynamic blocks is unusable.

Rhino 8 WIP Improvements

Next, we opened the DWG in Rhino 8 WIP.
Rhino 8 WIP handles the dynamic block much better by assigning the active AutoCAD block type to the block instance.
This maintains the visual continuity of the design when compared to AutoCAD and also allows for easy block editing.

Dynamic blocks are imported and assigned a meaningful name that combines the original source dynamic block name in parenthesis after the U and unique numeric identifier.

Updating the Block

This feature becomes more powerful when paired with the existing Rhino command ReplaceBlock.
ReplaceBlock easily assigns any block instance or set of block instances to another block definition in the file.


Give it a try and let us know if it works for you.

Mary Ann Fugier


This will be a huge help!

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Sure hope so, @keithscadservices.
This is the first time this fix has been available for public testing in the WIP.
Let us know where the wheels fall off! :slight_smile:

Thanks for testing.
Mary Ann Fugier

I posted recently about some quirks with leaders (they mostly work except for certain instances). AutoCAD imports are generally pretty good, but a few things are iffy (like the leaders and blocks… and especially text). If it gets better it would open up lots of opportunity. I’m struggling to adjust to Rhino’s annotations a little bit. They’re good but I’ve used ACAD’s for so many years… If text imported better (with subscript, superscript, fractions, etc…) that would really break down a few walls.

Rhino Exports so well into AutoCAD that I was planning to simply do my annotating in ACAD and then import back into Rhino.

Hi @keithscadservices,
For additional issues with Leaders, please reply in this thread that you have already started on AutoCAD Leader import problems: CAD Import - No leaders (Multi Leaders).

Mary Ann Fugier

Still buggy

Can you share the file?

f-Boutique sofa.dwg (58.8 KB)

It looks like your block was closed with incomplete elements.

Inserting the block into a dwg and saving (or save in Test Block mode) before importing is required.

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but in autocad it works fine. no issue in stretching and visibility states.

Thanks, @Kalpit_3d.
We have logged RH-76922.

It is on @Joshua_Kennedy list to look at now.
We will let you know when it is fixed.

Mary Ann Fugier