Exporting hatches from Rhino to Illustrator?

When I export my elevation from Rhino to Illustrator, the hatch appears solid in Illustrator. These are the options I have when exporting, I don’t have anything that says “hatches export as solid fills” and have the option to check or unckeck that. How can I get my hatch to appear like the actual hatch when exporting to illustrator?
Thank you

You can explode the hatch before exporting. That will turn the hatch into individual curves.

When I explode, the hatch no longer looks how I want it to.

Hi Amanda - can you post the hatch pattern file?


I don’t have the file of the hatch because it’s from AutoCAD, it’s one of their default hatches. I exported from AutoCAD to Rhino and then Rhino to Illustrator

Hi Amanda- can you just export a hatch and its boundary to a new model and send that?



Small Cabin Technical Drawings.3dm (1.3 MB)

Yes, thanks- the 1.3 MB file is what I was hoping to avoid… the hatch is defined in dashed lines, apparently, so select the results after you explode, and set the linetype, in Properties, to 'Continuous.


Thank you, it worked! :slight_smile: