Gradient hatch export issues

Hi there,

There is a topic here which already discusses it, but it has been mentioned in the past that sometimes reactivating an old thread may not be useful.

when exporting to vector RhinoPDF, gradient hatches that have alpha opacity export as a solid fill, with no layer order.

This is what I see in Rhino.There is a gradient hatch on the column behind the man on the right of the image

Here is that RhinoPDF opened in Acrobat Pro.

Issue 1. Gradient hatch has lost colour transparency
Issue 2. Draw order; Everything is completely blocked by the hatch
Issue 3: When opening this in Illustrator, it does not recognise the graphic as a fill. It’s a non-native graphic


hi @jdelavaulx I tried to replicate this with a simple setup, but could not. Can you share an example (the simpler the better) that shows this behavior?

Alpha in gradient is a known bug for exporting with RhinoPDF. We still haven’t figured out how to properly do this.