Rhino 7 for unreal engine


is there a way to transfer an entire scene made in rhino 7 to unreal engine? with cameras, lights, materials with procedural maps and everything else at once?

with the objects in the same places where they are in the rhino?


Some time ago in the italian discourse there was a discussion about live connection between Rhino and Unreal (through GH).
The link to the post opened by Daniele Barone

and the link to a youtube video

It’s in Italian, but could be useful to someone…

TwinMotion for Rhino was a real eyeopener for me. I have posted some examples here. I like the way it synchs up with Rhino but wish there was a way to open up the TM file in Rhino. Lots of good ‘canned’ cars, people, furniture and other goodies within TwinMotion but they don’t get added directly to the Rhino file.

Quick sample

What is: TwinMotion for Rhino?

is v-ray for unreal in real time?
or is there any previous calculation for the scene to be real-time?
this previous calculation is much faster compared to rendering with RTX of v-ray in rhino?
is it possible to use the: V-Ray scenes, saving the rhino scene with v-ray, to send the textured rhino scene to the unreal engine at once?

is unreal with gi real-time 100% real-time?
or is there any previous calculation for the scene to be real-time?

is there a way to talk to the v-ray brand?

I looked on the site and only has the forum, and to post questions it is only possible if you buy the v-ray.