Integration of Rhino and Unreal Engine?

As game engines like Unreal Engine are rapidly growing and becomming increasingly popular in domains like movie production, animation, rendering, architecture, automotive, etc, I wanted to start a discussion about present and future plans for the integration of rhino and grasshopper and game engines like Unreal.

There is still a significant gap beween Rhino and Game Engines in certain fields like for example uv texturing in general, multiple uv channels, colour masks, animations in general, export formats, rigging, etc. Some of these issuses could be relativly easy adressed with grasshopper plugins.

I found this post on the Unreal forum about a direct link to Rhino:

Is there more info on this from the McNeel side? I assume that it will work like the direct link with twinmotion. While this would will be already helpful, I my oppoinion there is way more potential here than just a ‘simple’ realtime geomerty exporter. Especially the integration of gasshopper or garasshopper2 and blueprints would have a huge potential. One exampel for that could be SideFX integration with houdiniengine, where you can export procedual assets animations into Unreal Materials etc…


As a long term Rhino/Gh user I would really love to see more devlepment into this direction and wondering if I’m the only one?