Pdf visibility

Hi. Trying to save designs in pdf format, it only seems to save half the image. Is it me? Is it a setting in my viewer? I use a Mac.


Eppinham hall final.pdf (341.3 KB)

You have not supplied enough information to understand the problem.
Please post the following:

  • Run the SystemInfo command. That will give us a good overview of the system resources Rhino sees on your computer.

  • Make a screenshot of the Print settings you are using.

  • Send a smallish 3dm file that produces this problem. It probably does not need to be this complicated, large model.



As requested.

Untitled.txt (4.9 KB) ![Screenshot 2021-04-12 at 20.35.39|690x388](upload://7Tfunnel test.pdf (385.3 KB) ZcIAoaVFAW5xIECeDFfMZg4gW.png)

I’m having the same issue, with 6 tiles on the PDF.
only does this in perspective view, raster.
maybe just use jpg with ViewCaptureToFile for perspective shaded images?

systeminfoCherMonsieur.txt (14.0 KB) street.pdf (2.2 MB)

Must be a bug> The capture thing works though, so going with that!



@cher.monsieur @Neomega-Resin In both your cases I think this tiling issue has to do with the dpi set for the PDF raster print, the output size and the amount of memory on the graphics card used. See if reducing the DPI to 150 for the PDF fixes it. Also please try using the SaveAs command and then choose PDF as the format as an alternate test. Does either work?

If not, it would be great to get a 3dm file and a screenshot of the Print settings you are using. You can email tech@mcneel.com if the file is confidential and you can use Rhino - Upload to Support if the 3dm file is too large to email.