Rhino 7 - Font Server Issue

Recently switched to Rhino 7 for Windows and have found it is missing all of the fonts from our companies font server. This was not an issue in Rhino 5.

Running Rhino 7 SR 18 and the font server is Extensis’ Universal Type Client 7.0.6. It is able to see locally installed fonts, just not those found on the font server. This isn’t any issue with any other program.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled both programs multiple times and have run out of ideas. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Hi Michael,

Welcome! This is a topic that may not get much traction here so you may be better off talking to your company’s Universal Type administrator, or Extensis support.

Extensis don’t appear to make information readily available on using UT with applications other than Adobe Creative Cloud, Quark and Sketch, so the following thoughts are nothing more than shots in the dark.

  1. Are there any other users in your company who successfully use R7 with UT?
  2. Does the UT admin have to register apps with UT? If so is R7 registered as well as R5?
  3. Do you see a managed font on your machine in Word, say, to demonstrate that they aren’t limited to the Adobe/Quark etc creative apps?
  4. Have you used the Clear Cache option in the UT Client and then allowed UT time to resync fonts?


Thanks for the response Jeremy.

I’ve been checking with a few other users and their Rhino 7 also does not find the font server. Again, Rhino 5 has no issues finding the font server and did not require any special configuration.

It seems all other applications are able to access the UTC font server. (Word, Notepad, Outlook, CorelDraw)

I have tried just about everything in terms of UTC, but Rhino 7 is not seeing it.

I have a meeting with an Admin later, but I’m not hopeful.
Thank you again for the response.


Oddly though, in Rhino Options\Appearance under Command Prompt, all UTC font server fonts are available. It is specifically the Text and TextObject commands that do not find the UTC fonts.

@Alain - do you have an idea about this?


Rhino apparently caches the fonts for Text and TextObject use. if you add a new font to Windows when Rhino is already open, the font will appear in the Command Prompt option, but not in the dropdown for Text and TextObject. If you then close and reopen Rhino it will reload the cache and the new font appears for Text and TextObject.

@michael22, what happens if, having seen the fonts in the Command Prompt option, you close and reopen Rhino: does that make them appear in Text and TextObject dropdowns?

I spent about 45 minutes with an IT Admin and they confirmed there’s nothing on the Extensis side that needs to be enabled. We cleared the UTC cache and update the UTC to the latest version, but Rhino 7 is still unable to see the fonts on the UTC. I set the Command Prompt font to one of the fonts located on the UTC, but this had no effect on the Text and TextObject commands; even with closing and restarting.

We also installed Rhino 7 and the UTC on a new machine and received the same result.

Something in the code for Text/TextObject must not be accepting fonts from the UTC font server.

Hi Michael -

Between Rhino 5 and Rhino 6, the entire annotation system was rewritten to allow for Rich Text features. During the development of that system, we found that the information that is embedded in fonts isn’t always reliable and that caused a lot of issues. To work around that, we implemented several “hurdles” to limit what fonts could be used. A lot of that was based on user feedback in the Rhino 6 WIP and first SR release cycles of that version and we ended up with something that mostly works for most users.

Clearly, though, this system is getting in your way with using a font server. It sounds like we, once again, need to take a deep dive into how fonts are dealt with. This will take time to figure out.
This issue is now on our list as RH-68950.

Hi @wim,

Please enumerate the hurdles. That way you can help us avoid wasting our time trying to do something Rhino won’t permit.


Hi Jeremy -

I’m afraid it’s not that simple. Jumping over the hurdles involves hard coding mapping of font tables into the Rhino source code.

Wow. Not only have you put hurdles in the customer’s way, you’ve made them complex and you won’t tell the customer what they are.

Maybe you’d like to rethink your reply?

Jeremy -

I guess I’ll have to ask you what you want me to say. Since you’re not interested in the truth, I can just copy-paste what you want to hear.