Rhino 7 - Feature suggestion European dimension style

Any chance rhino 7 will offer the European dimension style standard? In this standard dimensions smaller than 1.00 meters are automatically displayed in cm and half cm’s are displayed in superscript to offer a more compact labeling. Reference image attached.

Would also be great if there was a way of including the vertical dimensions of openings as displayed in the image. Currently we have to input these manually which is fine, however if you manually add a suffix on a second line and display it centered on the dimension line to achieve the layout shown in the image it breaks the dimension line (screenshot attached).


that would be awesome indeed!

Also, it would be nice to finally have an option to use a decimal comma instead of decimal dot. Decimal comma is used in most of the countries around the World, including the majority of Europe, Asia and South America, as well as half of Africa and French Canada.

In the settings.

Wow, nice to see that it was finally added to Rhino! That was a much requested feature since many years.