Dimension Error



It appears that my dimensions are displaying the generic “Length Resolution” when I change the dim style from decimals/mm to feet and inches/feet.

Here’s the WIP v I’m using
Work In Progress
(6.0.17136.10381, 05/16/2017)

And here’s a view of the issue, you’ll see that the correct dimension is showing in the dim object property’s bar on the lower right:

I thought it might have been the dimension scaling, but that doesn’t add up.


(Alain Cormier) #2

Hi Devin,

Do you mind attaching the file so we can look at it?


(Pascal Golay) #3

Hi Devin - do you still see this in the latest WIPS?




it’s not gone.

(Pascal Golay) #5

Hi Devin - can you post an example file - just a simple rectangle or two is fine - something that shows the problem.




Hi pascal, sorry for the delayed response. I believe this was due to the dimensions properties, as I’m still getting used to all of the new settings.