Rhino 7 Evaluation Expired On Entering New Licence


I downloaded an evaluation of Rhino 7 and followed the instructions by entering the license key provided on initial install having verified my account. However on entering it I was told the evaluation had expired even though I first downloaded it today (03/09/2022).

Logging into my Rhino Account I can also see I am not linked to any license even though I received an email with the evaluation 90 day license. Can someone please help?

Many thanks.

Hi Michael -
You started your 90-days evaluation on December 19th and received a license key ending on 00CL. This key will remain functional until March 19th. After that date, it’s not possible to continue evaluating Rhino and you will need to purchase a license if you’d like to continue saving your work.

Hi Wim

I am going thru the same thing, but in my case, I really downloaded it today (in fact my new machine arrived today).

Can you please help?

If it helps, I just sent this out to tech support…

Your eval license has not been added to the Personal licenses in your login account yet.

Add the license, then start Rhino again.

Any luck?

Hi John,

It’s empty:

Costel, Use the blue Add License button to add your license.

Hi Japhy

So I’m here now, after clicking on blue Add License button. I do not have the key to put in.

It seems you did not notice the license key displayed on the screen when you requested it.

Go back to the Download page and click on the Evaluation link again.
We will display the license key you need on the Web page.

Thank you John,
Yes, my face should be red now! I’m in and playing with it.
All the best,

I see you were successful.
The license is in your account now.

Start Rhino and login.