Evaluation Rhino 7 License Key Not Working

I have downloaded the Evaluation Rhino 7 and when I enter the license key which was sent to me by email, it is saying that it is invalid or has expired. How is this possible when I am literally entering the key a few minutes after downloading the programme. Tried this about 3 times with different accounts but still doesn`t work. Any please help?


Yeah I am in the same situation too. I’ve tried deleting rhino and then redownloading it with a new account but that still doesn’t work.

You can no longer use the loophole to get multiple 90 day evaluation periods. That door has been closed, sorry. If you have never downloaded a V7 evaluation key and are still getting the message, contact sales@mcneel.com via e-mail.

Expired evaluations include those downloaded more than 90 days ago but never installed, as well as multiple users of the same computer if one user has used up the evaluation period previously.

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Your single V7 eval expired in June.

I invite you to purchase a permanent license at:

If you’re a student or faculty, then use the Students and Faculty tab for reduced pricing and proof of EDU status requirements. EDU licenses are permanent, have no maintenance fees, and can be used for commercial work when you leave school. EDU licenses are 80% off compared to a Commercial license.
If you do not buy a license now and need one after you are no longer a student, it will cost $1,000.

Selling Rhino licenses is how we pay for development, tech support, employee salaries, and to feed and house our families.


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Buy a license or leave …


Hey kid, this is the official support forum where the Rhino developers and the users who have paid for it hang out. Think we give a crap about your trying to get around the trial limitation? It’s time to pay up sucka.


Thank you so much for your reply. I was hesitant to buy the license as I thought it was a general glitch type thing with the email code expiring instantly. I am an architecture student, so I’ll definitely look into the EDU license. Thank you for helping me :slight_smile:

I don’t have enough money to pay for university, now I can’t even afford to pay for these dumb programs that my school REQUIRES. I know you have to feed your families but at least revit has the decency to give students a free program to learn through college. Your greed is ruining this company and you should be disappointed in yourselves for making the process of getting a higher education all the more inaccessible. Shame on you.


I don’t work for McNeel, my greed ain’t doin’ nuthin’, plus as such I don’t even have to pretend to be polite to whining children.

But anyway, your school has the ability to get you Rhino EVEN CHEAPER than the official student price, so ask them why they won’t do that. And you can use it legitimately for commercial work, unlike everyone else’s “free student version.” And the whole idea of “student versions” is a marketing ploy to get you locked-in and converted to a commercial user, in any other context I’m sure you’d be calling such a scheme evil.

Given the username and the fact that they are a first time poster, it inspires me to recall the old line from the old wild and woolly usenet days… “Don’t feed the trolls”.

Since Rhino V6, the Cloud Zoo allows schools to share their lab licenses with individual students. This is a highly interesting possibility which unfortunately many institutions are completely unaware of. Let’s do a theoretical case study:

Say a school has 1000 students who may need to use Rhino for their projects and that perhaps 1/3 of them might be needing to use Rhino simultaneously. Let’s also assume that 100 of the students graduate every year and are replaced by new incoming ones. If the case study extends over a 6-year period (the time it takes most architecture students to get their degree and graduate), there may be two Rhino version updates in that time period, plus 600 students will have graduated and 600 new students will have come in. Total of 1600 ‘potential users’ over that entire time period, with 1000 at any given moment.

The school buys 11 Rhino lab licenses with 30 seats each and puts them in a Cloud Zoo account; they then allow any student in the university or department domain to access them. That means up to 330 of the 1000 students can use Rhino simultaneously.

The initial cost to the school is about $11K (€), plus perhaps two version upgrades at about $2800 (€) each, total $16,660 (€). Yes, that looks like a rather large outlay, but let’s consider the cost per student.
If there are 1000 people who had continuous access to Rhino over that time period, the cost to the school per student is… a little over $16 (€). Total. And that is over six years, so the cost to the school is less than $3 (€) per student per year. Peanuts.

Even if the school buys enough lab licenses so that all 1000 students have access to Rhino 24/7 and those costs triple - it’s still peanuts. And as time goes on, the school continues to buy upgrades with version changes, the cost is cheaper and cheaper per annum.

This puts the ball squarely in the court of the school and department administrators. If they require their students to use a particular software for their projects/classes, they also need to provide some reasonable means of access to that software for all concerned - regardless of their economic status. Those means exist. If they do not do that, either they are ignorant, or they are simply not concerned with the financial welfare of their less well-to-do students. I prefer to think it’s mostly the first, although I am sure certain cases of the second exist.

Of course, this scenario does not put a real Rhino license in the hands of the students once they have left the school, which the individual license does. Actually owning that license is a huge advantage to the student - if they can afford it. If they cannot, well, the solution outlined above exists.


Excellent detailed and easy to follow explanation. Perhaps it would be a good policy to follow on this forum to ask of each complainer the name of the school they are involved with and a department head contact so that McNeel sales could forward your analysis to them.

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Autodesk acts like a drug dealer. First, it gives you shots for free to get you addicted, then you pay the full price.
Rhino is cheap, really cheap, compared to it’s value, let alone the edu licence.
For many years I was unemployed, I didn’t have a car, I didn’t have a smartphone but I always had a full Rhino licence because it seemed right to me.


Indeed !