My rhino License it's not working i need help

MY rhino License it says it’s not valid but it is

Usually when a new evaluation license is flagged as expired it is because the user has had previous evaluation licenses, perhaps using different email addresses. These threads may be relevant:

i did used a new account but it’s the same

An individual is allowed only one evaluation license before needing to purchase a license. This limitation is based on the individual user, not email address or account. In the past some users found ways around this limitation but that has been closed.

If you are a student you can purchase a educational license at a significant discount. An educational license remains valid after the license owner is no longer a student.

I like to add for these kids that their school is able to get them student licences even cheaper than the regular student price, and they can let students use their lab licenses on their own computers. Given that architecture education seems to have turned into little more than a Grasshopper workshop, the schools should be doing more here.

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:joy: - that’s not a complete lie, at least in some areas :upside_down_face:

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ssss so is