Rhino 7 Offline Deployment Problems - RESOLVED

EDIT: June 9, 2021:
RH-64041 is fixed in the latest Rhino 7.7 Service Release

Please download Rhino 7.7 (or later) for your deployments.

Offline installation of Rhino 7 is currently broken.

The problem happens when users click the Gear icon next to the Install button, then click “Download packages for offline installation.” It currently fails to verify the .NET 4.8 package that it downloads.

This is because a week ago, Microsoft replaced the .NET Framework redistributable downloads with versions that are signed with SHA-2-based certificates. Unfortunately, they replaced them at the same URLs as the ones signed with SHA-1-based certificates so our installer’s payload validation fails.

Microsoft posted some details on their blog and a support article. We are not sure if Microsoft is going to change their mind here, or not. If they do, we don’t want to update our installers.

Please Help:
If you have a build of the .NET 4.8 installer (v4.8.3928.0) that you downloaded prior to last week, please reply here. I think we can work around this problem if that file can be downloaded from somewhere other than Microsoft. It will be in a redist, and is named ndp48-x86-x64-allos-enu.exe folder that you created when trying to create the offline installation.

Sent via email. Seems to have gone through, though Apple mail thought it might be too big. Let me know if I need to try another method.

Thanks @AlW,

Here’s the temporary workaround while I wait a bit longer for what Microsoft decides to do:

  1. Create a new folder on your computer; name it something like Deploy
  2. Download the Rhino 7 installer and save it in the Deploy folder
  3. In the Deploy folder, make a folder called redist
  4. Download this copy of .NET 4.8 Framework Installer into the redist subfolder
  5. Run the Rhino installer.
  6. Click the Gear icon next to Install Now
  7. Click Download files for offline installation

The installer should see the .NET framework there, and skip downloading it. The rest of the packages will be downloaded and ready for deployment.


Workaround works a charm - Thanks!

Will be creating a package for deployment on our domain workstations via WPKG and configured for our internally-hosted Zoo server for license management.