Way to grab / generate offline installation files from command line?


Is there a way to script / automate the download of offline installation files from the command line, instead of having to start the installer, use the GUI option (gear) and then select download offline files etc (as demonstrated here: Rhino Offline Installation and Validation [McNeel Wiki])

Trying to reduce things I will forget when installing / updating labs of Rhino. Any pointers?

If you use the gear icon to build an offline install package, then use the scripted deployment instructions to run the installer silently, that should work just fine.


Yeah, I know I can use the gear icon… but I want to try and have that step be automated as well… so I don’t even have to click on the setup / gear… can just have it run a command to download the redists and create the bootstrapper file, with no user interaction. Scripting the install is easy, got that down. Just want to automate the creation of the offline package as well.

Legible in link, two parameter behind the setup exe. :wink:
rhino_en_us.xxxxxx.exe -layout -passive

Wow am I blind. Thanks Eddi. That should do the trick.

I managed to create a PS script based loosely on the script referenced here: Deployment to Production Servers with C#, VB (omitting the Compute and core-hour parts of the code, and updating the DL function etc). If there is interest, I will post the PS script / code here. Could save some headaches. Note: this script will always DL the most current version available for v7 (i can modify one for v6 if someone would like it, and will likely make one if / when we move to v8). I’m happy to share the script if anyone will find it helpful.

Pay attention if the server should by installed.
Line 103 in install script initiates server restart,
so other server services had temporarilly to be suspended.
Happy weekend

I removed all of the parts of the script that referred to server and compute modules… so that all it was downloading was rhino7. I’ve got it down to the following:

  1. Start the script (with admin rights). You will be prompted for an email address. Enter a valid email address like you would if you were visiting the page to DL.
  2. (Optional, requires uncommenting a couple lines in the script) Specify a UNC Path where you would like to copy the final set of files (bootstrapper.exe and the redist folder) to for network deployments.
  3. (Option #2a) Uncomment one line in the script and hardcode your UNC path there. Useful if it’s going to be a task you repeat frequently.

And after that, just watch the magic. You’ll get some progress bars, and you’ll see the Rhino Setup window come up so you can see the progress of the DL of the redistributables… but it’s zero touch.

I’m happy to share my modified PS script if anyone wants it.