Rhino 7 disappeared suddenly on Mac Pro m2

hello, I have a file that I usually work on windows (the pc is slower, is really a basic windows) and this morning I have to work at home on mi Mac Pro m2 so I opened the file and it crashes 4 times within 1 hour when I was or moving an object or moving with the gumball… what can I do? does anyone has had the same problem?

W hen it crashes, does it generate a crash report? If so, are you sending them in?

All the time.

OK, in that case I guess we’ll need to wait to see what McNeel figures out from those reports…

@Miriam_Diaz , next time you get the crash reporter dialog can you copy&paste the long text that is the crash dump here in a reply?

This looks to be a crash deep inside the Metal driver code from Apple.

I do see you have twinmotion/datasmith running. Could you disable that for a while and see if stability improves?

I will do it, thank you! I will work at night again on my Mac.

yes I have twinmotion/datasmith in fact I wanted to start to do some tests, so you recommend me not to use datasmith? is there another program for free I could use for rendering that you know?

Did you try disabling them yet?

Did you know that Rhino Render and the related display mode Raytraced both are built on the Cycles rendering engine from Blender? They both are built in with Rhino 7 and at your disposal (and in Rhino 8 the integration got improved a lot).

Check Rhino - Learn to use Rhino for some pointers on rendering with Rhino itself.