Rhino 7 Dark Mode Crash


I reported this earlier but it looked like resolved back then, but it comes back again. I have a couple of macs all running Big Sur, and if I left Rhino7 open in any of those computers, then the next day I found them crashed when the mode changed from light to dark… To reproduce, you can open Rhino with your mac os set automatically changes modes, and wait until tomorrow, then you find a crash report on the screen in the morning. Thanks,


YES!!! experiencing exactly the same issue

waiting until the sun sets is sufficient :smiley:

good point.

Hello - thanks for the heads up, I’ll see tomorrow…


interestingly, it is not always crashing…


I figured out how to reproduce.

  1. open up rhino.
  2. open up grasshopper.
  3. drop c# scripting component. (don’t know if it still does with other components on the canvas…)
  4. open up the script editor and close it.
  5. change the mode from light to dark, vice versa.
  6. crash.

Hi -

Thanks for those steps! I was able to reproduce this on my system and wrote this up as RH-65380.

Thanks you!