Rhino 7 crashing like hell when activating or trying to work with layouts?

What a drama, just installed the latest version of R7 bud things are getting worse. Version 7 is the buggies version I’ve ever experienced. At the moment I can’t work with Layout’s…HELLO…?
When selecting Layouts/ selecting minus button/ clicking the delete button…BOOM-hard crash.

Just doesn’t matter old files, or newly created files, Rhino 7 crashes hard when I perform actions within layout.

NEW and old files are send via… rhino3d.com/upload for examination.

How’s this possible…? Can’t perform my work today and I had to pud my client on hold!
That’s for me very serious issue.

I’m going back to Rhino 6.



Hi @pgerritsen,

Sorry for the issue. When Rhino crashes are you submitting a crash report? I don’t see any with your emailed attached.

Also, when you get a chance, can you run the SystemInfo command and post the results here?

A fix for crashing when setting the active layout was just made and should be in the current Rhino 7.4 Release candidate - might be worth trying.



– Dale

Yes I did Dale, though not all. I was in the middle of a dead line, so I had no time to discrib in detail what happend with Rhino 7 every time crashes. I can repeat it on my system.

SystemInfo_24-02-2021.txt (5.5 KB)

I have uploaded the files by now.

I’m running the latest version…?


Hi @pgerritsen,

We’d love to try to repeat the crash here. When you have some free time, please provide us step-by-step instructions in you can.


– Dale

Dale I’m working as professional and the spare time I have goes already into reporting R7 BUG’s. This issue cost me a lot aggravation and a pissed off client because I could NOT deliver 2D drawings!

To make my point I’m trying to resolves this issue for the last 4 hours!!!
How is McNeel going to make up for this?
If I don’t deliver to the client they will NOT pay the bill…!

Though I did find the solution by down-grading.
I reinstalled the upgrade I purchased a month ago and updated to Version: 7.3.21053.23032, 2021-02-22.
Within this version I do NOT encounter the “Layout” issue…???

So I’m not able to reproduce a step by step instruction.

And for now I’m not going to upgrade for a while.
I can’t afford another drop back like today.
Should have stayed with version R6, ordered in september 2020 instead of paying the full amount for the R7 upgrade.


Hi @pgerritsen

Well, the crash is pretty easy to reproduce. I’ve logged the issue.


Hopefully we can push out a fix by next week.


– Dale

RH-62992 has been fixed in the latest Rhino 7 Service Release Candidate

Hi all - I’m afraid I’m still suffering with this issue! I’ve installed the latest Service Release Candidate and it fixed the problem for about 15 mins! I managed to get one layout sorted and printed to pdf, but then when I switched to my second layout Rhino crashed again just like before. Interestingly no crash report dialogue this time - Rhino just disappeared.

I’d really appreciate some help with this one as like other users, I rely on being able to get 2D drawings done!