Crash when clicking Layout button

Rhino crashes when I click the Layout button.

That sounds bad. Are you talking about Rhino 5 for Mac or Rhino 6 for Mac? Unfortunately, Iā€™m not able to reproduce this behavior in Rhino 6 for Mac 6.18.19266.13352.

Can you please provide us with some more info?

  1. Please run the SystemInfo command and paste in the results here.
  2. Please attach a 3dm file where the crash is happening.

If we can reproduce this issue, we have a fighting-chance of fixing it.

Thanks for reporting it!

Ive been sending this to someone else who started looking into but here it is again. Its Rhino 6, OS Catalina.

Rhino SysInfo.txt (2.97 KB)

Hermes Curves.3dm (2.32 MB)

Thanks! I believe this a variation of this crash. Please switch to the latest Service Release Candidate for 6.19. It should be fixed there.

That worked. Thanks

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