Rhino 7 Crash when opening a file

Hi, we are having an issue with two computers, when they open a file from using the Windows File Explorer Rhino 7 will crash. This is not happening on little files but it did happen on two files which are 286,2 MB and the other one is 720,9 MB.

As work around we open Rhino 7 first and open the file within Rhino, but we would like to fix the issue.

Someone who knows how we can fix this?

(added two attachments, one with the system info and the other one is the crash.txt)

Rhino-SystemInfo.txt (2.4 KB)
RhinoDotNetCrash.txt (1015 Bytes)

Hi Diego -

A few questions…
Does the crash reporter pop up when Rhino crashes, and, if so, are you sending that report in? I don’t see any crashes in our system that are related to your eMail address.
Are those files on a network or on a local drive?
Does it behave better when you first disable the 3rd party plug-in (V-Ray), then exit Rhino and try again?