Rhino 7 changed Rhino 6.9 installation

Hi @brian,

FYI: The latest installation of rhino_de-de_7.0.18254.04325.exe changed my Rhino 6.9 installation. The languages (German, English) were gone in the Rhino 6.9 options, and I was not able to repair the Rhino 6.9 installation. I’ve got this Bootstrapper.exe request dead end.

After a deinstallation and reinstallation of Rhino 6.8 it runs again. Argh.



@brian, you may want to have a look.

Hi Michael,

This is really strange! Can you please send me all of the files from your %temp% directory that start with “rhino” and end with “.log”? Please send them in a PM in case there is private information in them.

Hi Brian,

sent with PM.