Rhino 7 problems


I´ve been using Rhino 7 for about 2 months now and although I´m really happy with the new “quad remesh” and will try subd modelling for sure in the future, I have noticed several things of “normal” old commands that don´t work properly, and I have to open the file in Rhino 5 sometimes to get it done.

So, first the EXTEND SRF command doen´t work several times, but just opening the file in Rhino5 and it does work (using the same settings, as Smooth for example and the same amount, say 5) - so it clearly is a bug of Rhino 7, otherwise the same file wouldn´t work in the oprevious version of rhino…

Another thing that upset me is the FILLET EDGE, don´t even understand why it doesn´t allow me to select the edges sometimes, and again, it does work in rhino 5, something is not right inn there… Aklso in this command, when I want to add a hadle, in Rhino 5 I just type in the new value and it changes instantly, but in rhino 7 I have to click specifically in “current radius” (or C) to chage it! otherwise doesn´t work and is completly not intuitive and a change for the worse, for sure…

Also the BLEND SRF is worse in my opinion, as unless I click first in “chain edges”, it doesn´t allow me to click in several edges for the first srf to blend, it goes from first to second automatically - please notice that in Rhino 5 if I select and edge not connected at all to the previous one, it will also automatically assume the second set of edges, without have to “enter”, so is much more intuitive! please fix this also…

Please give me some feedback


Hi Carina -
Please start separate threads for the 3 different issues that you are having. Also, we’ll need 3dm files to be able to look into those issues.

I don´t have a file now for the EXTEND SRF problem. It happened many times when working in a dayly basis, but I solved it always by going to rhino 5, and I don´t have anyhing now. When it happens again I´ll create an isolate topic on this with the corresponding file, thanks for the advise.

As for the BLEND SRF command problem I just draw something basic and random - just try to blend the first set and the second, both in rhino 7 and 5, to see what I wrote before.
For the FILLET EDGE command, just try to add a handle in the middle of any edge of this same file to see the problem descrided above.

blend srf , fillet edge.3dm (40.3 KB)

hello… no answers?

Hi Carina,
I had a look at your file and filletedge seems to be working exactly as it is supposed to.
No problems adding additional handles.
blendedge has received some modification in controlpoint distribution between Rhino 6 and Rhino 7 so blends are supposed to look slightly tighter in Rhino 7 (some users, me included, have complained about this and I think developers are working on the possibility to choose between old and new blends).

To have the chain edges work automatically you need to set chain continouity to at least tangent.
Otherwise (if set to position) it will catch all attached edges and give you the small popup menu to choose which edge to select.
This is exactly the way it works in Rhino 5 btw, you probably just had it set to tangent already.

Hope that helps, cheers Norbert

Hello Norbert.
Thank you for your reply but you didn´t understand the problem…

In FILLET EDGE everything works and you can add new handles perfecly, the problem is inserting the value of the new handles: in Rhino 5 you click in “add handle” and then type a different value than the original one, enter, and it assumes it; but in Rhino 7 you click in “add handle” and then if you type a different number, enter, it goes back to the previous options and leave the add handle section - it only works if you click in “current value” to change, which was not necessary previously… Is an added step not intuitive and no purpose on making it more difficult with and added step… I use a lot this command and it makes a huge difference!

The other problem was not with blendedge, was with BLEND SRF, and again, it works ok but with an extra step into it: it is set to tangent always, but you have to click in “chain edges” for it to assume the tangent edges, otherwise you click the first edge and the next one tangent edge but it assumes as the second surface to blend and starts the blended process immediatly- in Rhino 5 you click the first edge and the next tangent one (without clicking in"chain edges" in the beggining), it is still in the first set of surfaces, doesn´t step right to the second surface. Again an extra unnecessary step added that in very unintuitive, also use a lot this command…

Please try as I´m saying both in Rhino 5 and 7 and you´ll understand…


Yeah, you are right.
I obviously read your post too superficially.
Sorry about that.

Yes, this is a change that was required in V6, for reasons I cannot recall at the moment.

The fillet edge handle value issue looks like an oversight, thanks for the report.
RH-64586 FilletEdge: Add handle radius entry


Ok. I didn´t explore Rhino 6, so I wasn´t aware of the change in BLEND SRF command… don´t like it but I´ll get use to it of course.
If and when you fix that error in Fillet edge can you please let me know?

Thank you,