Rhino 7 annotations issues

Hi there. Just testing out Rhino 7 Beta (Rhino 7 SR0 2020-11-4 (Rhino 7 BETA, 7.0.20309.06003, Git hash:master @ 368ab) and running into a couple of issues in annotation. Match annotation does absolutely nothing. I click…nothing happens. Also, when you match a gradient hatch it continues the gradient from the parent hatch instead of starting it’s own - which is a problem if you have a drawing with a bunch of object hatches that are the same and you want to hatch them all the same.

Hi Caila -

That seems to work fine on my end. Could you provide detailed steps and/or a file that is misbehaving?

That is by design. Matching creates an exact match (ref. RH-54636).
I see that it becomes cumbersome to apply the same gradient hatch style to multiple objects and filed this as RH-61425: Annotation: Hatch: Remember gradient style in-session.